🪙4• Tokenomics

TGE: est. Q4 2023. Token: $GRIND Tokens value at public sale: $0.03 Total token supply 333,000,000.

HOW TO GET $GRIND• Stake $GRIND to get more $GRIND Participate in specific quests/competitions. (ex: win tournaments, top grinder) Complete tasks (ex: Twitter engagement and discord activities/invites). •HOW TO USE $GRIND• Rent high rarity and high level NFTs on the Degen marketplace*. Stake $GRIND to level up your account to get higher rev share and better NFTs assets. Stake $GRIND to get $GRIND. Open lootboxes.

*50 % of all tokens spent on the Degen marketplace and lootboxes will be burned.

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