🕶️2• Mission & Vision

Degen Guild's mission is to bridge web2 and web3 gamers to seamlessly play P2E games. Educate and build a community of gamers to help them play & earn.

Degen Guild facilitate access to valuable assets or opportunities in games that may be otherwise out of reach for ordinary players. By allocating those assets to key talented players, we are able to access higher returns from their participation inside of web3 gaming ecosystems than single players otherwise could. Our aspiration is to achieve an environment where ownership of NFT’s is widely adopted in a multitude of gaming and non-gaming mediums. Degen Guild aims to be a community builder for new games utilizing scholarship management technology to scale operations across multiple games. •We help game companies• Build go to market strategies. Aggregate player base. Onboard loyal active players. Create liquidity on marketplace by breeding assets. Create buying pressure on assets.

•We empower players• Social impact, economic growth. Train and educate about new games. Simplify web3 with easy web2 interface. Be part of a strong community. Financial incentives via reward system.

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